Guido's Pizza Genesee   25948 Genesee Trail Rd  Golden,CO80401   (303) 526-1510
Guido's Pizza Genesee
25948 Genesee Trail Rd
GoldenCO 80401
 (303) 526-1510

Reviews Of Guido's Pizza Genesee

4.78 141 Reviews
May 25, 2018

Always great service... and o like practicing my French!

Garrett Shaffner
May 22, 2018

Apparently I gave Guido's a 3 star rating last month which makes no sense... Because this place is awesome. So the rating is where it should be now at 5 stars. Guido's is tucked away in a small shopping center off of i70 and I doubt many people even know it's there, but it's such a good spot to stop by on your way up or down the mountain. Plus, they serve beer... So if traffic is at it's worst, Guido's is a perfect place to pull off and unwind for a bit before getting back at it.

Linda K
May 18, 2018

My husband and tried something different at Guido’s tonight and each of us ordered a Gyros Salad . It was absolutely delicious!! So fresh and so good, and a great value for the money. We were honestly surprised at how much we enjoyed it. Thanks Guido’s!!!

Onofre Godinez
May 17, 2018

Heidi gonzales
May 11, 2018

They have got the best pizza ever!!!!

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